Valerio Ricevimenti

Catering and Banqueting since 1993

A Group is not just a collection of People, it is the Strength that comes from the union of each individual collaboration

Founded in 1993, Valerio Ricevimenti began its activity with a purely family-run business and, as is desirable for every family, the values that should have accompanied them in their growth were passed on to their “children” right from the start: passion for the work, respect for the raw materials, kindness towards the client, attention and care for every aspect of the service.


A fast, reliable and accurate service that enables companies to avoid wasting resources and energy and to maintain the dynamism needed in the business world.


Like the wedding dress, the reception design will be perfectly tailored to your needs.


Attention to every detail

We look forward to seeing you organise your tailor-made event together.