What we offer you

All you have to do is enjoy an important and unforgettable event

Dream location

Valerio Ricevimenti offers an exclusive selection of locations from the most traditional and fairy-tale villas and castles to original lofts and other venues that can host your event with functionality and style.

We will guide you in the selection of the location that is right for you: providing the fittings and any other necessary steps to customize the location according to your needs.

Our Cuisine

Our chefs know how important the care of food is. Respect for food is the cornerstone of our values: attention to the choice of ingredients, selection of the best quality, obsession with freshness and care in the preparation of each dish guide us in the realisation of every reception.

In-house bakery

Flavours and delights: this is the sweet side of Valerio Ricevimenti, encompassing wedding cakes, pastries, artisanal delicacies and personalised desserts.

Experienced pastry chefs and chefs give life to a little gem of our business: the Pastry Shop.

Dispensa VR

As caterers, we are used to moving to many different locations to organise a wide variety of events, and with the new location, we thought: “Why not bring this diversity here too?”. The idea of being able to use the same place to organise something different and special each time gave rise to the name for this open space: DISPENSA.

An industrial-style open space of 250sqm, inside our headquarters, with a modern industrial style, deliberately left minimal, so that it can be set up according to the occasion to achieve a high level of customisation of the event


Our Catering and Banqueting service can also take place in locations far from our kitchen or bakery where the food is prepared, thanks to a specially equipped mobile laboratory.

In fact, our activity can also be carried out in locations chosen by you on a case-by-case basis: in hotels, conference centres, villas, palaces, castles, gardens or historical residences.

Places often lacking in equipment for preparing, cooking and preserving food.

We are therefore prepared to transport food (hot chain and cold chain) to the location of your choice, in full compliance with all applicable hygiene and food safety regulations, while maintaining the high quality of all our products.

Valerio Ricevimenti is HACCP certified (hygiene self-control system that prevents the dangers of food contamination) and authorised to provide catering and banqueting services throughout Italy.

Attention to every detail

We look forward to seeing you organise your tailor-made event together.