About us

A Group is not just a collection of People, it is the Strength that comes from the union of each individual collaboration.


Our values – the visceral passion for the work, the attention and care in the services offered, the respect of the raw materials chosen and the satisfaction of the customer – are our ideals, the foundations on which Valerio Ricevimenti is based.
It is not enough to communicate them, these values must be transmitted and put into practice, every day.
There is in fact a very strong link between values and company growth: this has allowed our activity to perfect itself, improve and make the difference.


It is the driving force of the company, enabling us to approach every activity with enthusiasm. It is the key ingredient of our success.

Quality of raw materials

Only ingredients of excellence can create the perfect recipe. We choose the best raw materials for our products and services, in order to provide those who choose us with a unique experience.

Care and attention

Every detail is important, nothing is overlooked or taken for granted: the care we take in carrying out each service drives us to continually evolve and exceed our achievements.

Customer satisfaction

Providing an excellent service is not enough to fulfil our customers’ wishes and build their loyalty. Every customer is the focus of our attention. We want to turn the relationship with them into an unforgettable bond.


The deeper the roots of a tree sink into the ground,
the higher its branches can rise.

Valerio Trefoloni  AD

Valerio Trefoloni


Gisella Cei


Vincenzo Epifano

Operations Manager

Beatrice Agostiniani

Sales Manager

Martina Balleggi

Operations Office Manager

Elena Toccafondi

Sales Office

Lorenzo Epifano

Warehouse Manager

Simone Gori

Pastry chef

Carlo Stipo

Head of Hall

David Nesi



Over 1000sqm ready to welcome you to the elegant showroom on the first floor.
Here you can enjoy the location, browse and wander around the various tables set up in different styles, and discuss which one is closest to your taste.
You can then sit down in the living room, in front of the large wall screen, where we will introduce ourselves and listen to you in order to get to know you, understand your needs and pay attention to your desires, so that together we can structure proposals perfectly in line with your needs.

On the ground floor…

we can visit the beating heart of the business: the kitchen.
It has been conceived, and built, in such a way that the product follows a path of quality and safety for the end consumer: from when the raw materials (99% Italian) are delivered from our selected suppliers, the processing phase in the various areas, through to transport and its final express realisation at the reception venue. 50sqm, of the 250sqm on which the kitchen is developed, are devoted entirely to our pastry shop, the flagship of our business.

On the upper floor…

500 square metres of showroom space. We own 90% of the equipment that is generally requested, which is why we are able to apply minimal costs to the end customer and an excellent quality/price ratio, offering you the security of a company with over twenty years’ experience in organising events.

Every proposal…

s realised in synergy with the client, whether private or corporate, with the agency or with the event planner, so as to structure the most effective approach each time. The production and processing of our in-house pastry shop and our kitchen are also artisanal and personalised according to the specific requests of the client, who can discuss the menu directly with the pastry chef and the chef.

Beyond the internal door, for another 250sqm, stretches a modern open space, our DISPENSA, with an industrial and youthful style, but always elegant, designed to host a wide variety of events: from birthdays to communions, from congresses to company dinners, from graduation parties to theme parties, up to vernissages and cooking classes.



Founded in 1993, Valerio Ricevimenti began its activity with a purely family-run business and, as is desirable for every family, from the very beginning the values that should have accompanied them in their growth were transmitted to their “children”: passion for work, respect for raw materials, kindness towards the client, attention and care for every aspect of the service.

La Sede - Valerio Ricevimento Catering e Banqueting


For 25 years we have been taking care of our clients in their important moments and we take care of organising any kind of event, both private and corporate, in Tuscany and all over Italy. We don’t just offer a catering and banqueting service, but you can rely on us for every detail of your event, as our most loyal customers have known for years.
They have found in us the attention, care and interest that characterise companies born from a true passion and a desire to grow, improve and achieve results they can be proud of.
All you have to do is enjoy the event


In recent years of activity, a number of institutional clients have chosen us to represent Tuscany’s catering services abroad, enabling us to organise events that express the typical features of our region in Spain, Belgium, Germany and France.

These are the reasons why we have been chosen to represent Tuscany abroad.

With over 25 years of experience behind us, the goal of Valerio Ricevimenti is to develop and grow its business even more, so that it is always up to every type of event and its brand new location, without losing the relationship with the customer, nor move away from its primordial guiding values.

Today the group is more united and more active than ever, we look with pride at our achievements and with ambition to the future.

Attention to every detail

We look forward to seeing you organise your tailor-made event together.